Centralized HVAC control system

Centralized HVAC control system on the building with regulation at the operational level and integration of individual devices.

Type of building::
Office and production facility

Installed power (CA and HP):
Cooling: HP w/w: 250kW, heating: HP w/w: 230kW, heating oil boiler: 700kW
Building surface in m2:
approx. 15,000m2

Number of devices (controllers):
50 PCS

Execution date:


Activity description:

1. Convector control with integration on CCS:
a. A special feature is the control by limiting the blow-in temperature in offices.

2. Integration of water meters:
a. Integration of water consumption meters in the building via the M-Bus protocol and preparation of reports in accordance with the ARSO requirements for the well pump meter, temperature meter, as well as the water level meter in the well.

3. Power meters
a. Meter integration and preparation of readouts.

4. Air-conditioners:
a. Integration of air conditioners and energy saving kitchen hood system on the CCS.

5. Server room:
a. Monitoring the operation of split air conditioners and room temperature. Alarm in case of temperature increase or an conditioner failure.

6. Pumping stations:
a. Integration of pumping stations for the exploitation of rainwater, stormwater and faeces.
b. Control of s stormwater pumping station with integration on the CCS.

7. Fan heaters and domes:
a. Control of heating and cooling in production facilities via fan heaters, destratificators and roof domes with integration on CCS.

8. Forklift charging station:
a. Timing control of electric forklift charging after production with integration on the CCS.

9. Signal horn in production
a. Time programme for the signal horn in production with integration on CCS.

10. Heating station:
a. Heating station control.
b. Management of the well, heating pump and heating oil boiler.
c. Managing individual heating/cooling branches.